Sunday, March 11, 2007

Forthcoming From The Objective Standard

Patience is a virtue, or so goes the old adage. These are keen words to remember, especially after I read that the Spring 2007 issue of The Objective Standard will be coming out soon. It looks to be chocked full of goodies, as always. But for those who can't wait, like myself, they've made available their lead article by Yaron Brook & Elan Journo, "The 'Forward Strategy' for Failure".

As a personal aside, they appear to be recycling their color schemes for the covers. Each seasonal issue having its own corresponding color. (Spring = red, Summer = blue, Fall = yellow, Winter = green) I always wondered what color it was going to be next before each issue came out. And now that it's a whole new year, it makes sense to continue with the same colors instead of having to create a veritable rainbow. Obviously I haven't much experience with journal subscriptions and layout design, but I never claimed to be an expert.