Saturday, April 14, 2007

GoodSearch: Donate By the Keystroke

As many people before have pointed out, I went to the GoodSearch search page to check things out and see what all the talk was about. Mike's Eyes urges all to make this unique site their primary search engine.

The way they hope to draw people in and utilize their search engine is the prospect of helping out their favorite charity/organization. By performing a single search you can help out your organization. Every search you perform GoodSearch agrees to make a 1 cent donation. Being the biased person I am I chose the Ayn Rand Institute as my favorite organization and the searches appear to be adding up. Under the charity/organization you choose you can follow its yearly and even monthly progress by clicking on the "Amount Raised" button.

I also went ahead and added a GoodSearch logo button to the side bar with the ARI charity ID attached to it. That means anyone who wants to perform a search can simply click on that link and search right away without having to select the ARI beforehand. Just thought I'd simplify things for all my readers out there.

I've been using GoodSearch for the past few days now and I'm pretty satisfied with the results. It's powered by Yahoo! so it's not some unknown search engine with limited reliability. Before I was using Google, or as our Commander-in-Chief likes to say "the Google", so it took me a little effort to get used to the different color scheme but it didn't take much to get used to again. Plus it's pretty much the same layout as Google so it shouldn't be that hard to switch over for other users. I like the fact that you have the option to use a built-in toolbar for your own web browser that they provide. Of course I might have to go over to Google to use some of their features such as narrowing my search to specific media, e.g., news or blogs.

All in all I'm pleased with GoodSearch and its ability to enable its users a way in which to donate to their most valued organizations especially the Ayn Rand Institute. In today's current climate, nothing could be more selfish than donating to the ARI.