Sunday, April 29, 2007

Straight From the Horse's Mouth

Via LGF comes a video of Abu Izzadeen speaking inside the Regent’s Park Mosque, followed by MPACUK’s reaction to his recent arrest for insighting terrorism. What you'll hear is the honest preaching of a Muslim convert who is not afraid to be consistent in his ideology. He makes no hesitation in clarifying for all those who might believe otherwise that Islam, i.e., religious faith, must be spread by force.

Here's a few highlights said by Izzadeen:

  • "He must support the jihad physically or financially or verbally."
  • "They want Islam to become love and peace. No my dear Muslim brothers. Islam come to dominate the world."
  • "Terrorism is part and parcel of Islam. Terrorism is part of the dean[?] of Islam."