Sunday, April 8, 2007

Thinning the Paint Herd

Johnathan Alder over at The Volokh Conspiracy points to Ohio's latest attempt to out do itself in expanding government powers.

Isn't there a statute of limitations on such litigation? Although it might not be so simple and may have something to do with a similar case in Rhode Island:

The Ohio litigation follows a state court verdict in Rhode Island in 2005 that found three defendants, including Sherwin-Williams, responsible for lead hazards in an estimated 240,000 homes. The verdict, based on the same theory now being tried in Ohio, has been appealed to the Rhode Island Supreme Court.
As well as recent legislation in Ohio that would appear to nullify any concern for a time limitation.
Under S.B. 117, individuals who are harmed by lead-based paint can still sue the paint manufacturers
Being a native Ohioan, its not surprising to hear stuff like this and that's what is disheartening. It was some time ago, but you couldn't turn on the news without hearing about our own Governor being convicted of ethics violations and the infamous Coingate scandal. It's a good thing state politics doesn't interest me all that much.